Sreesanth echoes Gambhir’s praise, hails Dhoni’s cricketing contributions

Sreesanth lauds Dhoni's team-first approach in echoing Gambhir's tribute

Former Indian cricketer, S Sreesanth, recently echoed Gautam Gambhir’s praise for MS Dhoni, acknowledging the former Indian captain’s significant contributions to the sport. Dhoni led India to its second championship in the limited-overs format in 2011, further solidifying his legacy in Indian cricket.

Gambhir, a key member of Dhoni’s team for several years, surprised his audience during the Asia Cup coverage with an unexpected commendation for Dhoni. Known for his contentious relationship with Dhoni, Gambhir’s tribute to the Ranchi-born stalwart took many by surprise. Gambhir commended Dhoni’s exceptional contributions to Indian cricket, suggesting that Dhoni could have shattered numerous batting records had he played at the No.3 position, a claim that left many in awe. Gambhir believes that Dhoni sacrificed his individual record for team accomplishments.

In a discussion with Sportskeeda, Sreesanth reflected on Gambhir’s comments about Dhoni and stated that Dhoni had perfected the role of a finisher in international cricket. According to Sreesanth, Dhoni prioritised team victories over personal records. He said, “Gautam Bhai said recently that Dhoni would have scored more runs had he batted at No.3. But for Dhoni it was always about more victories than more runs. He always had the ability to finish games when the team needed him and he won two World Cups as well.”

Dhoni’s leadership skyrocketed India to the No.1 spot in the ICC Test rankings. Furthermore, he is the only captain to have won all three major ICC trophies. Dhoni’s last international appearance was during India’s semi-final game with New Zealand. He announced his retirement in 2020.

Sreesanth further added, “Credit should go to Dhoni, but he didn’t sacrifice his batting position. He worked a way to find out which players would do well for the team in which position and then slot them in those positions accordingly. His captaincy had the ability to bring the best out of his players. He has always thought about the team first.” This statement reemphasises Dhoni’s team-centric approach and his immense leadership capabilities, which have been instrumental in India’s cricketing success.

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