Akshay Kumar stars as divine messenger in awaited trailer of OMG 2

Film faces Bollywood clash amidst mourning of art director Nitin Desai

The much-anticipated trailer of the Bollywood film ‘OMG 2’ has finally been unveiled, featuring Akshay Kumar in the divine role of a ‘messenger of Shiva’. The film, directed by Amit Rai, centres around a man’s struggle for his son’s right to education. Pankaj Tripathi, a renowned actor, brings this character, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, to life.

The trailer opens with a scene where Lord Shiva instructs his faithful Nandi to dispatch a messenger to assist Kanti, whose son has been expelled from school for an alleged ‘vulgar’ act. In a bid to seek justice, Kanti finds himself in court, playing the dual roles of defendant and accuser. Yami Gautam, portraying a lawyer, challenges Kanti in the courtroom, while Shiva’s messenger guides him towards justice.

Watch the trailer here:

‘OMG 2’ is expected to go head-to-head with Sunny Deol’s upcoming action film ‘Gadar 2’, creating a significant clash in the Bollywood industry. The film has been under scrutiny since the release of its posters and teaser. Reports suggest that the censor board paused the film’s progress, exercising caution due to its religious theme.

The film is a sequel to the popular ‘OMG: Oh my God’, which starred Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar, with Kumar playing the character of Lord Krishna. A one-minute-26-second teaser of ‘OMG 2’ was released last month, offering a sneak peek into the film’s universe.

The trailer was initially scheduled to launch on Wednesday but was postponed in honour of art director Nitin Desai, who was found deceased earlier that day. Akshay Kumar shared the news via social media, expressing his sorrow over Desai’s demise. He wrote, “Unbelievably sad to know about the demise of Nitin Desai. He was a stalwart in production design and such a big part of our cinema fraternity. He worked on so many of my films… this is a huge loss. Out of respect, we are not releasing the OMG 2 trailer today. Will launch it tomorrow at 11am. Om Shanti.”

The film industry mourns the loss of Nitin Desai, a veteran in production design. His untimely death has left a void in the fraternity, and his contributions to Indian cinema will be remembered. As the industry grieves, the launch of ‘OMG 2’ trailer serves as a reminder of the relentless pace of the entertainment world.

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